The Cerne Giant

The Giant is probably the most instantly recognisable feature of the Cerne Valley.  He is the figure of a naked, rampant, club wielding man, carved into a hillside above the village.  In his right hand the Giant holds an enormous knobbed club.  There two propositions as to his provenance: that he was carved in Romano-British times to represent the god ’Hercules’ or that he dates from the 17th century and was the creation of a local noble to lampoon Oliver Cromwell.  The arguments are set out in more detail on the Cerne Historical Society website and you can decide which proposition to support!

The Giant was scheduled as an ancient monument in 1924 and is now in the care of the National Trust. Every few years the Trust arranges for the chalk infill to be replaced, assisted by local people. A fence prevents public access to the Giant, but he is best viewed from the A352 road heading towards Sherborne.

• We’ve got a new Chinese name! In VisitBritain’s ‘GREAT Chinese Names for GREAT Britain’ campaign members of the Chinese public named and subsequently voted to rename the Cerne Giant as "The Big White Streaker" ! So from everyone in the Cerne Valley we wish all our Chinese customers 新年快乐.