Cerne Valley Parish Council

Cerne Valley Parish Council is a Group Parish, covering the separate parishes of Cerne Abbas, Godmanstone, Nether Cerne and Up Cerne. There are almost 800 people on the electoral roll, and the Parish Council aims to represent their interests and to preserve the environment for the enjoyment of the residents, visitors and future generations. It provides and maintains a number of services and works in partnership with the County Council, District Council and, wherever possible, other organisations in the area.

Cerne Valley Parish Council Services


The Parish Council owns an allotment site at Chescombe in Cerne Abbas, which is divided up and let as 67 allotment gardens, at modest rents. These are very popular and there is often a waiting list. The land is very productive and allotment holders are regular winners in Cerne Abbas Society for Horticulture’s annual show. It also lets out the adjacent field.

Cerne Abbas Burial Ground

Formerly the burial ground for Cerne Abbey, the Parish Council is now responsible for maintaining this rural cemetery.  There is ample space for interments for the foreseeable future and the peaceful setting attracts visitors as well as local residents. Adjacent to the burial area is St. Augustine’s Well, where a natural spring rises and feeds the stream to the duck pond in nearby Abbey Street. This has been set out as a place of quiet reflection.

Children’s Playground in Cerne Abbas

The Council maintains the excellent play equipment and swings sited on land owned by the County Council, opposite Cerne Abbas First School, in Duck Street. It has quarterly inspections by an independent Safety Inspector and is monitored weekly by local Parish Councillors on a rota basis.

Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan

The Cerne Valley was the first Dorset Parish to complete their Neighbourhood Plan. It was approved by the Council and by local public referendum and published in January 2015. Follow this link to see the Plan.